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Abrahamyan Sargis

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Was born on (month, day), 0000 1915 December 15 in (city, town or the village, country)of Shosh of the [[Republic of Artsakh]].
*Finished the pedagogical technical school of Baku.*In 0000 finished 1944 graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute the school number 00faculty of history of correspondence course.
==Work activity==
*In 0000 worked at (1935-1937 history teacher in the place) as a (position)Republic of Artsakh village of Nngi of Martuni region.*In 1937-1939 history teacher of the secondar school of the Republic of Artsakh Ghzghala district of Martuni region.*In 0000 worked at ( 1940 head of the place) as a 2(position)department of people's education in Republic of Artsakh Martuni region.*In 0000 worked at ( 1940-1941 head of the department of regional people's education of Azerbaijan *1949-1950 head of the teaching department of the N3 secondary school in Stepanakert.*1950-1952 responsible secretary of the regional political and scientific knowledge distribution company of .*1952-1953 head of the marxism-leninism chair of Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute.*1954-1955*1955-1969**1955-1957**1957-1961**1961-1963**1963-1969*Deputy of the place) as a (position)Azerbaijan SSR 5th convocation.

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