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A person's biography is the key to understanding his personality. The task of a biographer is to find and mark the main milestones in a person's life, to compile his biography. It seems important and interesting to collect biographies of various, not only famous people, in order to better understand them, through them - the time in which they lived, in which we now have to live.




Abbots(1 P)
Academicians(4 P)
Actors(22 P)
Actresses(6 P)
Agriculturists(8 P)
Agrochemists(4 P)
Allergists(1 P)
Archbishops(2 P)
Archeologists(2 P)
Architects(16 P)
Armenologists(2 P)
Artists(17 P)
Astronomers(3 P)
Athletes(4 P)
Audio engineers(1 P)
Ballad-makers(1 P)
Benefactors(2 P)
Bibliographers(7 P)
Biochemists(2 P)
Biologists(3 P)
Biotechnologists(1 P)
Bookbinders(1 P)
Botanists(2 P)
Builders(3 P)
Calendarists(2 P)
Cardiologists(2 P)
Caricaturists(1 P)
Catholicoi(3 P)
Catholicos(2 P)
Cattle breeders(1 P)
Cellists(2 P)
Chemists(8 P)
Chroniclers(1 P)
Chronologists(1 P)
Colonels(6 P)
Commanders(2 P)
Composers(18 P)
Conductors(5 P)
Dentists(2 P)
Diplomatists(1 P)
Directors(13 P)
Doctors(29 P)
Dramatists(1 P)
Dramaturges(1 P)
Economists(11 P)
Editors(12 P)
Energetics(2 P)
Engineers(17 P)
Engravers(2 P)
Epidemiologists(3 P)
Ethnographers(4 P)
Etymologists(1 P)
Farmers(2 P)
Fiction writers(3 P)
Fidas(1 P)
Film Directors(1 P)
Freedom fighters(13 P)
Generals(10 P)
Geographers(5 P)
Geologists(5 P)
Grammarians(1 P)
Graphologists(2 P)
Gynecologists(2 P)
Heroes of Artsakh(3 P)
Histologists(1 P)
Historians(33 P)
Hydrotechnics(1 P)
Illustrators(1 P)
Interpreters(1 P)
Inventors(1 P)
Journalists(8 P)
Kanun players(1 P)
Kings(9 P)
Lexicographers(6 P)
Lieutenants(4 P)
Literary critics(5 P)
Literary men(3 P)
Major-Generals(10 P)
Mathematicians(9 P)
Mechanics(9 P)
Metallurgists(2 P)
Meteorologists(1 P)
Military figures(22 P)
Military Figures(2 P)
Mining engineers(1 P)
Ministers(2 P)
Monks(2 P)
Morphologists(1 P)
Musicians(8 P)
Musicologists(3 P)
Mycologists(1 P)
Neurophysiologists(1 P)
Obstetrics(1 P)
Oncologists(2 P)
Optometrists(2 P)
Organists(1 P)
Orientalists(1 P)
Ornithologists(1 P)
Painters(37 P)
Party figures(4 P)
Pathologists(1 P)
Pharmacologists(1 P)
Philologists(23 P)
Philosophers(10 P)
Physicians(1 P)
Physicists(22 P)
Physiologists(2 P)
Pianists(7 P)
Playwrights(6 P)
Poets(19 P)
Political figures(6 P)
Politicians(2 P)
Polyglots(1 P)
Princes(4 P)
Printers(1 P)
Proctologists(1 P)
Producers(1 P)
Professors(17 P)
Psychiatrists(2 P)
Psychologists(3 P)
Psychotherapists(1 P)
Public figures(20 P)
Publishers(4 P)
Pychologyits(1 P)
Researchers(1 P)
Scientists(55 P)
Seismologists(1 P)
Singers(10 P)
Soil scientists(1 P)
Songwriters(1 P)
Source researchers(5 P)
Statesmen(19 P)
Statisticians(1 P)
Surgeons(9 P)
Tar players(1 P)
Teachers(3 P)
Technologists(2 P)
Theatre reviewers(1 P)
Theatrical figures(2 P)
Theologians(2 P)
Therapists(4 P)
Thermo technicians(1 P)
Translators(14 P)
Troubadours(5 P)
Universitarians(1 P)
Veterinary Surgeons(1 P)
Violinists(4 P)
Writers(42 P)
Writers of village(1 P)
YSU rectors(1 P)
Épée fencers(1 P)