Akiskal Hakob

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Akiskal Hakob (Suren)
Aqsqalyan Hakob
Акискал Акоп Сурен001.jpg
Armenian: Ակիսկալ Հակոբ Սուրենի
Russian: Акискал Акоб Суренович
Born: 1944
Beirut, Lebanon
Psychiatrist, scientist.


Was born in 1944 in Beirut, Lebanon.


  • In 1969 finished the Faculty of Medicine of the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Work activity

  • Since 1981-Director of the American Psychiatric National Institute Project, Deputy Director of the Baptist Hospital in Memphis.
  • 1990-1994-The chief advisor of the Director of the US National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, DC.
  • Since 1995-Director of the UC (University of California) San Diego International Center.
  • Since 1997-Special Adviser of the WHO (World Health Organization) Director in Geneva.


  • Doctor of Medical Sciences.
  • Honorary Doctor of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.
  • In 1980-Professor of psychiatry and psychopharmacotherapy.
  • In 2002-The highest prize of psychiatry.
  • In 2003-Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
  • The Gold Medal for Pioneer Research (Society of Biological Psychiatry).
  • The German Anna Monika Prize for Depression.
  • The NARSAD Prize for Affective Disorders.
  • The Jean Delay Prize for international collaborative research (World Psychiatric Association).


  • In 1969 moved to the USA.
  • His works refer to the depression, emotion and the regulation of brain mechanisms.



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