Aghavelyan Alexander

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Aghavelyan Alexander (Minas)
Armenian: Աղավելյան Ալեքսանդր Մինասի
Russian: Агавелян Александр Минасович
Born: 14.02.1951
Yerevan, Armenia
Surgeon, proctologist.


Was born on February 14, 1951 in Yerevan, Armenia.


  • In 1968 finished Yerevan Secondary School N8 after A.S.Pushkin.
  • In 1974 graduated from the medical-prophylactic faculty of Yerevan State Medical University.
  • Passed internship in the speciality "Surgery" on the basis of the Republican Clinical Hospital after V.I. Lenin.
  • From 1980 to 1983 took his postgraduate courses at the Department of Proctology of RMAPO in Moscow under the guidance of academician V.D. Fedorov.
  • In 1983 defended his thesis on the theme "Reconstructive operations after resection of PC", which became one of the first studies in USSR.
  • In 1994 defended his thesis for the degree of Medical Sciences Doctor, which was one of the fundamental works in Armenia on the treatment of widespread peritonitis in those years.
  • In the direction of the Ministry of Health he conducted a two-month internship at the Glendale Memorial Hospital (USA, California) and finished with manager's diploma.

Work activity


  • 1994 - Doctor of Medical Sciences.
  • 1994 - Professor of Medical Sciences.
  • 1998 - Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1999 - The "Knight of Science and Art" title.
  • 2006 - main proctologist of RA Ministry of Health.


  • Author of more than 290 scientific works, one monograph, 15 methodical recommendations, 3 author's certificates, 6 manuals, 29 rationalization proposals, 2 patents.
  • Works refer to the questions about reconstructive surgeries after direct saline separation and treatment of peritonitis with laparotomy using polymeric materials.


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