Abrahamyan Vladimir

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Abrahamyan Vladimir (Smbat)
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Armenian: Աբրահամյան Վլադիմիր Սմբատի
Russian: Абрамян Владимир Смбатович
Born: 25.11.1941
Bjni,Republic of Armenia.
Honorary painter of the Republic of Armenia.



Was born on November 25 in 1941 in the village of Bjni of Kotayk province,Soviet Armenia.


Work activity

  • In 1973-1976 was a lecturer at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography.
  • In 1980-1991 worked as a stage director at the broadcasting station's editorial office of literary artistic reports.
  • In 1993-1995 worked as an art editor of Internal Affairs "02"(ՆԳ «02») weekly newspaper.
  • In 1995-1999 worked as an art editor of "Arevik" publishing house.
  • Since 1999 worked as a lecturer at the Panos Terlemezyan State College of Fine Arts.


  • Since 1975 member of the Artists' Union of Armenia.
  • In 2005 thank you letter of the president of the Parliament.
  • In 2009 certificate from the mayor of Yerevan.
  • In 2011 certificcate from the minister of culture of Republic of Armenia.
  • In 2013 May 24 Honorary Painter of the Republic of Armenia.




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