Abrahamyan Viktor

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Abrahamyan Viktor (Vahan)
Վիկտոր Աբրահամյան.PNG
Armenian: Աբրահամյան Վիկտոր Վահանի
Russian: Абраамян Виктор Ваганович
Born: 03.02.1939
Yerevan,Republic of Armenia
Veterinary surgeon.


Was born on February 3 in 1939 in the Soviet Armenia's capital Yerevan.


  • In 1962 graduated from the Yerevan Cattle-breeding-Veterinary Institute.
  • In 1967 postgraduate studies,Yerevan Cattle-breeding-Veterinary Institute,therapy chair.
  • In 1979 participation,courses of French,Moscow.

Work activity

  • In 1962-1967 senior veterinary surgeon of "Towards the Light"(«Դեպի լույս») collective farm in the region of Ejmiatsin,village Lusagyugh.
  • In 1970-1991 lecturer at the Yerevan Cattle-breeding-Veterinary Institute(ԵԱԱԻ).
  • In 1970 chamber of Parasitology and Veterinary Sanitation,Expertise,veterinary surgeon,assistant professor,associate professor.
  • In 1980-1984 lecturer at the veterinary faculty in public-revolutionary Republic of Guinea,city of Mamou.
  • In 1990-1991 responsible secretary of admission exams at the Yerevan Cattle-breeding-Veterinary Institute(ԵԱԱԻ).
  • In 1991 director of the veterinary station of the city of Yerevan,general veterinary-surgeon.
  • In 1996-1999 dean of the faculty of veterinary medical science at Armenian Agrarian Academy.
  • In 2000-2011 head of the Veterinary Sanitation ,Expertise and Zoo Hygiene chamber.
  • In 2011-2015 Armenian National Agrarian University, professor of the Veterinary Sanitation ,Expertise and Zoo Hygiene chamber.
  • In 2012 president at Trade company of Armenian National Agrarian University foundation.
  • Since 2016 till now head of the Armenian National Agrarian University Veterinary Sanitation ,Expertise and Zoo Hygiene chamber.


  • In 1970 candidate of veterinary sciences.
  • In 1985
  • In 2002
  • In 2003
  • In 2009
  • In 2012


  • He is author of a textbook,137 scientific works and methodical works.
  • His works refer to the problems of influece of digestive nematodes on mutton's qualitative indicators.



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