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Image: Evgeny abramyan.jpg |Evgeny Abrahamyan
Image: Evgeny abramyan.jpg |Evgeny Abrahamyan

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Abrahamyan Evgeny (Aram)
Абрамян Евгений.JPG
Armenian: Աբրահամյան Եվգենի Արամի
Russian: Абрамян Евгений Арамович
Born: 03.08.1930


Was born on August 3,1930 in the capital of Georgia,Tbilisi.


  • Finishing school with a gold medal in 1947, he was admitted to the Moscow State technical University named after N. Bauman.
  • Graduated architectural-physical institute of Moscow.

Work activity

  • In 1953-1958 scientific-worker at the institute of nuclear energy of Moscow named after Kurchatov.
  • Head of the department of USSR AS betatrons laboratory at the Sibir division institute of niclear physics (Novosibirsk) since 1958.
  • Meanwhile headed electrophysical allocations and electrotechnical institute in Novosibirsk


  • In 0000 became a Candidate of Historical Sciences.
  • In 0000 became a Real Member of Academy.
  • In 0000 received "William Saroyan" Medal.


  • Write other information that doesn't satisfy criteria of the above mentioned three subsections.



Press Publications


  • Абрамян Е., Промышленные ускорители электронов, М., 1986 (английской версии - "Industrial Electron Accelerators and Applications", Hemisphere Publishing Corp., New York, 1988).
  • Абрамян Е., Передача энергии электронным пучком: Проблемы и перспективы, М., 1982 (соавтр.).
  • Абрамян Е., Интенсивные электронные пучки, М., 1984 (соавтр.).
  • Абрамян Е., Анализ обстановки в мире перспектив будущего. Терика, М., 2006.

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