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Abrahamyan Suren

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Work activity
*In 1970–1972 served in the Armed Forces of Soviet Socialist Republics Union.
*In 1972-1992 worked in the system of Republic of Armenia ministry of the Internal Affairs.
*In 1992-1996 was head of the "Syunik-Zangezur" state plan,coordinator of the Republic of Armenia state minister's managed force and defensive structures' works.*In 1995-1999 was a deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia.*In 1996–1998 was the governor of the Syunik province.*In 1998–1999 was the mayor of Yerevan.*In 1998–2002 was the president of the Football Federation of Armenia.*In 1999 August-October was the minister of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

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