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Abrahamyan Silva

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| name-en = Surname Name Abrahamyan Silva (Father's nameSamson)| name-en-aliases = Surname Name (Father's name2)| name-am = Ազգանուն Անուն ՀայրանունԱբրահամյան Սիլվա Սամսոնի| name-am-aliases = Ազգանուն Անուն Հայրանուն2| name-ru = Фамилия Имя ОтчествоАбрамян Силва Самсоновна| name-ru-aliases = Фамилия Имя Отчество2
| name-lat =
| name-fr =
| image = BoyAbrahamyan Silva.jpg| birth-date = 0018.0003.00001942| birth-place = CityYerevan, CountryRepublic of Armenia| death-date = 00.00.0000| death-place = City, Country| description = Short description, in 2 wordsMorphologist.
Was born on (month, day)March 18 in 1942, 0000 in the city of Yerevan of the Republic of Armenia(city, town or village, countryArmenian Soviet Republic).
*In 0000 finished 1966 graduated from the school number 00[[Yerevan State University]].
==Work activity==
*In 0000 worked at (Since 1969 works in the place) as a (position).**In 0000 worked at ( the place) as a 2(position).*In 0000 worked at ( the place) as a (position)Armenian Nathional Academy of Sciences Institute of Biochemistry.
*In 0000 became a Candidate 2004 doctor of Historical Sciences.*In 0000 became a Real Member of Academy.*In 0000 received "William Saroyan" Medalbiological sciences.
*Write other information that doesn't satisfy criteria Her works refer to the research of biologically active neurohormones of brain and new cytokines as well as immunohistochemistry research in normal and pathological conditions,also the morphological-functional study of the above mentioned three subsectionsinfluence of hypothalanus coronetous neurohormones on the hearts of rats.
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