Melkonyan Monte

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Melkonyan Monte (Charles)
Melkonyan Monte 15.jpg
Armenian: Մելքոնյան Մոնթե Չառլզի
Russian: Мелконян Монте Чарльзевич
Born: 25.11.1957
Visalia, USA
Died: 12.06.1993
Marzilu, Artsakh.
Armenian national-liberation movement figure, Colonel of Armenian army, National hero of Armenia, hero of Artsakh .


Was born on November 25, 1957 in Visalia, USA (near Fresno).


  • In 1972 finished secondary school.
  • Studied at the City College of Osaka (Japan)
  • In South Korea,was a student of a Buddhist monk.
  • In 1975 finished Mt. Whitney High School with honours.
  • In 1978 graduated from Berkeley University (California), Department of Archeology and Ancient History of Asian nations.

Work activity

  • In 1978 travelled to Lebanon, took part in the defensive battles of the Armenian districs of Beirut during the Civil war(about 3 years).
  • In 1980 from May,was the military chief coach of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia.(ASALA)
  • In 1985 on November 27, in Paris, was arrested on a charge of having a false passport and explosives and was jailed until 1989.
  • In 1990 from October enlisted to the defense of Artsakh.
  • In the beginning of 1991 founded the "Patriotic detachment."
  • In 1992, the commander of the defense of Martuni region.
  • Participated in the self-defensive and leberational battles in RA Ijevan, Tchambarak as well as of the NKR regions of Shahumyan (Erkech, Buzlukh, Manashid Karachinar), Martakert, Martuni.
  • Led the military liberation operations in Martuni (occupied villages),in Kelbajar (Karvachar) and in Aghdam.


  • Archeology professor.
  • In 1994, the Lieutenant colonel of Armenian Army.
  • In 1994, First Degree Order of the Combat Cross ("Martakan Khach").
  • In 1996, the "Homeland" order ("Hayrenik").
  • In 1996, National hero of Armenia.
  • In 1999, the "Golden Eagle" order ("Voske Artsiv").
  • In 1999, Hero of Artsakh.


  • Having extraordinary abilities, at the age of 12 (at this age he knew about being Armenian), 15-year-old boy travelled to 41 cities in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East with his parents.He has been in the Western Armenia, in his grandparents' house
  • The graduation thesis was devoted to the study of rock-cut tombs of Van Kingdom (defended in 1978).
  • Won a scholarship for the defense of doctorate in Oxford University, but did not go to England.
  • At the age of 22 he was already fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Japanese, Kurdish.
  • Studied the history of Armenian Genocide of 1915.
  • Founded the "The Unity of the Armenian Students" in Berkeley (California) University and organized an exhibition dedicated to the Armenian Genocide.
  • Wrote studies about the national liberation movement ( "Reality", 1992).
  • Made articles in the newspaper of "Armenian fight" in Paris and in "Sardarapat" magazine of San Francisco.
  • In 1991 he worked 7 months in the Academy of Sciences for writing and publishing the book "Armenia and its Neighbors".
  • In August 1991 he married student Seda with whom he met when he was in Lebanon.
  • In 1993 on June 12 after the large-scale operations in Aghdam pillboxes, Monte Melkonyan, who was the commander of Martuni defense region, came down from the commanding heights with his companions to control the situation. At the edge of Marzili village near Aghdam, he unexpectedly encountered the enemy's armored vehicles and soldiers.They opened fire and in the unequal fight Monte was killed.
  • He is buried at Yerablur military cemetery in the outskirts of Yerevan.
  • In 1994 "Monte Melkonyan" foundation was opened in Yerevan.
  • Military college was named after Monte Melkonyan.
  • In 1997 University, named after Monte Melkonyan, opened in Yerevan.
  • In 1999 "Monteakan" newspaper was published.
  • The district center of Martuni was renamed after Monte Melkonyan-Monteabert.
  • In NKR Martuni, Monte Melkonyan's monument is put (sculptor L. Tokmajyan).



Press Publications


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