Ananyan Armen

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Ananyan Armen (Artem)
Ananyan Armen 01.jpg
Armenian: Անանյան Արմեն Արտեմի
Russian: Ананян Армен Артемович
Born: 1896
Shamakhyan, Armenia
Died: 18.12.1958
Yerevan, Armenia
Statesman, party figure.


Was born in 1896 in Shamakhyan, a former village in Armenia, currently absorbed by the town of Dilijan in the Tavush Province.


  • In 1921-1922 studied at Moscow Sverdlov Communist University.

Work Activity

  • In 1906-1920 worked in leather factories of different cities of Transcaucasia.
  • In 1922-1930 led party work in different places of Armenia.
  • In 1930-1931 was the clerk of Leninakan city committee.
  • In 1931-1933 was the president of Armenia and Transcaucasian CECs.
  • In 1933 was the head of farming of the Armenian SSR.
  • In 1934-1937 was the clerk of the Yerevan city committee, then the New Bayazet district committee.


  • In 1919 became a member of the RSDWP.


  • Was baselessly repressed, in 1937-1955 was in the exile, was later justified.

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