Aghakhanyan Tadevos

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Aghakhanyan Tadevos (Mamikon)
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Armenian: Աղախանյան Թադևոս Մամիկոնի
Russian: Агаханян Татевос Мамиконович
Born: 13.08.1924
Ashtarak, Armenia
Died: 14.07.2011
Moscow, Russia
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honorary Professor of MEPhI, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Electronics, veteran of the Great Patriotic War.


Was born on August 13, 1924 in Ashtarak, Armenia.


  • Graduated with honors from high school in Leninakan.
  • In 1941, as a first-year student at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Yerevan State University, he was sent to the Mining and Artillery School of Tbilisi.
  • Studied in Moscow Power Engineering Institute.
  • In 1952 graduated with honors from National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI".
  • In 1957 defended his thesis.
  • In 1967 defended his doctoral dissertation.
  • Was a member of dissertational councils and an editorial board member of the "Microelectronics" journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Work activity

  • For 26 years he worked in the Department of Electronics of National research university "MPEI".
  • From 1965 headed the Electronics Department.

Scientific interests

  • Simulation of transistors
  • Simulation of physical processes in transistors
  • Synthesis of linear elements of electronic circuits
  • Synthesis of nonlinear elements of electronic circuits


  • I degree order of Great Patriotic War.
  • Veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
  • Order of Friendship of Peoples
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, honored worker of Science and Technology of RSFSR.
  • From 1965 to 1991, Electronics Department head of MEPhI.
  • In 1999, MEPI Honorary Professor.


  • Fought on the Steppe Front which was commanded by Marshal Konev, as one of the 15th Guards Division.
  • Participated in the Battle of the Kursk Bulge, in battles near Leningrad, was wounded twice.
  • Finished the war in Letava, Kurland, with the rank of a senior lieutenant.
  • Was one of the first in the USSR to begin to develop the theory of transistors, transistor amplifiers and pulse devices.
  • The scientific school created by Agahanyan is developing by his students(among them 7 doctors of science). Tatevos has prepared more than 70 candidates of sciences. He published more than 300 scientific works and more than 50 teaching aids.
  • His death was caused by a serious illness.



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