Acharyan Hrachya

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Acharyan Hrachya (Hakob)
Armenian: Աճառյան Հրաչյա Հակոբի
Russian: Ачарян Грачья Акопович
Born: 08.03.1876
Yerevan, Armenia
Died: 16.04.1953
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Linguist, lexicographer, etymologist, philologist, polyglot, academic professor.


Was born on March 8, 1876 in Constantinople.


  • In 1889 graduated from Sahakyan school with honors.
  • Attended the Getronagan School.
  • In 1893 graduated from the central Constantine college.
  • From 1895 studied at Paris-Sorbonne University (with Antoine Meillet).
  • Studied at the University of Strasbourg.
  • Studied foreign languages, comparative grammar, and the history of the Armenian language at Yerevan State University.

Work activity

  • From 1898 to 1923 worked as a teacher at the Gevorgian Seminary in Etchmiadzin, Shusha and Tehran.
  • In 1923 he received an invitation from the authorities of Soviet Armenia (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic) to move with his wife and reside in Yerevan to teach at YSU.


  • Was a member of the French Linguistic Association and the Czechoslovakian Institute of Oriental Studies.
  • Authored more than 200 scientific publications on Armenology, Armenian language, and Oriental Languages.
  • The Armenian State Institute of Linguistics is named after him.
  • There is a street named after him in the Avan district of Yerevan, Armenia.


  • His father was a shoemaker.
  • When he was less than a year old, he was involved in an accident which resulted in the complete loss of sight in his left eye.
  • In Shusha he met his future wife Arusyak.
  • He was fluent in Arabic, Persian, French, Modern Greek, Italian, Biblical Hebrew, Ottoman Turkish, German, English, his native Armenian, and was able to read Latin texts as well.
  • On 29 September 1937, he was arrested and accused of being an English resident in Soviet Azerbaijan and a spy operating at the university in a counter-revolutionary group of professors.
  • Until his death on 16 April 1953,[9] Adjarian taught at the university. On 16 April, as usual, Adjarian lectured, held a training session for the Persian language, went home, shaved, ate dinner and told his wife, "Sophiko, I'm happy. Thank God, my wife is healthy, my daughter is well, today I also was able to go to university, and classes were a success. The main thing is, I have completed my work, lived 77 years – two magic numbers in a row, I have seen all, seen the days we dreamt about. And now for me it's all over."




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