Abelyan Hovhannes

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Abelyan Hovhannes (Harutyun)
Աբելյան ննա.jpg
Armenian: Աբելյան Հովհաննես Հարությունի
Russian: Абелян Оганнес Арутюнович
Born: 23.10.1865
Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
Died: 01.07.1936
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia


Was born on October 23, 1865 in the city of Shamakhi, Azerbaijan.


  • Received his primary education in Shamakhi.
  • Studied at parochial school in Baku.
  • Studied at Russian college in Baku.
  • In 1886 entered the group of "Armenian dramatic club", took lessons about voice training, diction or pronunciation from Petros Adamyan.

Work activity

  • In 1880 took part in school performances and in tours of the group of S. Safrazyan.
  • In 1882 started his professional activity in the Russian group of A. Goncharov as an actor in dramatic and opera performances.
  • 1887–1891 played in Russian and Armenian performances.
  • Since 1891 acted in Armenian theatres in Baku, Tiflis, etc.
  • In 1895 founded the troup of "Armenian acting organization".
  • 1901–1905 along with G. Petrosyan conducted permanent theatrical group of Tiflis (since 1905 also a director).
  • In 1908 organized Abelyan-Armenyan theatrical group with A. Armenyan.
  • In 1912 headed the tours of the Armenian theatre in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  • In 1913 along with his group performed in Iran and Central Asia.
  • In 1917 became the president of "Armenian dramatic actors' union".
  • In 1925 performed in Costantinople, Zmyurnia, Egypt, Paris, Brussels, London and in the USA.
  • In 1925 became an actor at the first State Theatre in Yerevan (now named after Sundukyan).
  • Since 1926 started his tours in Caucusus, Central Asia and in the southern part of Russia.
  • 1927-1928 was an actor at Armenian theatre in Baku.


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  • Rustam, Barkhudar in "Namus"("Honor"), Shirvanzade.
  • Gizh Daniel in "Evil spirit", Shirvanzade.
  • Svengali in "Trilby".
  • Dr. Stockmann in "An Enemy of the People", Henrik Ibsen.
  • Pepo in "Pepo", G. Sundukyan.
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  • Abisoghom Agha in "The honorable beggars", H. Paronyan.
  • Paghtasar in "Paghtasar aghbar", H. Paronyan.
  • Aslan Ami in "In the circle", Vagharshyan.
  • Othello in "Othello", Shakespeare.
  • Lear in "King Lear", Shakespeare.
  • Zhadov in "A profitable position", A. Ostrovsky.


  • In 1925 People's Artist of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.


  • His friendship with V. Gunia, K. Ghipiani, K. Meskhi, V. Abashidze, L. Alexi-Meskhishvili, H. Arablinski, A. Sharifzade fostered the strenghening of mutual relations of Georgian, Azerbaijani and Armenian theatres.
  • In 1936 The dramatic theatre of Vanadzor was named after him.
  • One of the streets of Yerevan bears his name.
  • The brother of Abelyan Alexander .



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