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Abajyan Robert (Alexander)
Armenian: Աբաջյան Ռոբերտ Ալեքսանդրի
Russian: Абаджян Роберт Александрович
Born: 16.11.1996
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Died: 02.04.2016
Talish,Republic of Artsakh
Military figure, hero of Artsakh.


Was born on November 16, 1996 in Yerevan, Armenia.


  • 2003-2012 finished the school number 147.
  • 2012-2014 attended Yerevan State Basic Medical College and got a degree in Dental technology.
  • In 2014 entered Medical Institute named after Mother Teresa.

Work activity

  • In 2014 Abajyan went to compulsory military service in Arabkir Military Commissariat.


  • Due to high military performance, he was promoted to junior sergeant.
  • In 2016 during the enemy's large-scale military operations from April 2 to 5, for exceptional bravery and courage in defending the state border of the Republic of Artsakh, Abajyan was posthumously awarded with the highest Honorary Title "Hero of Artsakh" and the Order of the "Golden Eagle". The decree was signed by NKR President Bako Sahakyan.


  • In 2016 from April 1 to 2 the armed forces of enemy units performed large-scale attacks along the line contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. After the initial firing of defensive positions, Azeri forces begin the attack.The groups of about three hundred people, being armed with tanks, attempted to seize Armenian positions.
  • After the death of the commander, Robert Abajyan, who has suffered a wound in his leg by that time,takes command of the situation,and from the dam continues the fight.Noticing that ammunition runs out in the trench, he sends soldiers to bring bullets.During this time, the enemy manages to penetrate the position. Abajyan, with wounded comrade machine-gunner Andranik Zohrabyan and with stubborn resistance, retreats to the shelter position.Zohrabyan soon die from bleeding.Robert Abajyan alone continues to fight against a large number of enemy forces until the last bullet at the same time contacting with the battalion commander and giving important and valuble information about the situation.Seeing that the enemy approaches, Abajyan contacts with the commander for the last time and says that he has already kept his last grenade ready and that he will blow himself with them and will never give up. When he sees the enemy approaching, Robert hides the opened grenade in the palm of his hands and lift them up, as if to surrender. Allowing the Azeris to approach enough, Abajyan blows himself with ten enemy soldiers.
  • School number 147 in Yerevan where Robert Abajyan studied and finished is named after him.
  • Abajyan is the youngest person to be awarded the title "Hero of Artsakh" at 19 years old.


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